One Punch-Man

My Girlfriend Is A Villain

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Zhang Nan, the young master of the declining Fu Long Clan just wants to be a normal person, but he is sent to an aristocratic training school by his grandfather. He is accidentally assigned to a female class by the teacher, and is tormented by his female peers to the point where he wants to leave school...
School life
Chapter 49: Waking Up
Chapter 48: A Smiling Mask
Chapter 47: Tian Gui Vs. Luo Ke
Chapter 46: Hibernation
Chapter 45: How Can Those With A Protagonist Aura Die?
Chapter 44.1: The Tragic Spring Festival Hotpot Dinner (Part One)
Chapter 44: The Main Character Has Died. Your Opportunity Has Arrived.
Chapter 43: The Collapse Of The Past
Chapter 42: What Actually Happened All Those Years Ago
Chapter 41: Si Mo Si's Involvement
Chapter 40: Creeping Shadows
Chapter 39: An Old Friend's Silhouette
Chapter 38: I've Cleared My Debt
Chapter 37: You're All More Hindrance Than Help
Chapter 36: I Exploded The Toilets
Chapter 35: Traversing Through Fire
Chapter 34: But I Followed All The Instructions...
Chapter 33: The Real Battle Begins
Chapter 32: The Art Of [This Humble One Is Your Father]
Chapter 31: Nice To Meet You, I'm The Sandbag King
Chapter 30: A Simple Punishment
Chapter 29: I Have Been Ordered To Take You Back To School
Chapter 28: The End Of This Recollection
Chapter 27: I Don't Want To Be An Evil Person
Chapter 26: Childhood Nightmare
Chapter 25: Running Away From Home
Chapter 24: An Isolated Heart
Chapter 23: Broken Relations
Chapter 22: You Shouldn't Have Associated Yourself With Me
Chapter 21: I'm Going To Die For Real This Time
Chapter 20: You're Welcome To Kidnap Me
Chapter 19: The Ice Seems To Have Melted
Chapter 18: Hmph, I Won’T Forgive You No Matter How Much Yummy Food You Make Me.
Chapter 17: Rescue Method
Chapter 16: The Boy And Girl Alone In A Pit
Chapter 15: This Time, I'll Protect You
Chapter 14: My Tempering Doesn't End Here
Chapter 13: She Saved My Life Again
Chapter 12: You're Willing To Team Up With Me?!
Chapter 11: Leaving For Special Training Without Notice
Chapter 10: I Am Not Your Saviour
Chapter 9: I Am A Duck Raised On Dry Land
Chapter 8: You've Picked Up A Clingy Gourmand
Chapter 7: A Strong Sense Of Smell
Chapter 6: A Taste Of Confrontation
Chapter 5: Xue Jie's Challenge
Chapter 4: A Life-Preserving Leap
Chapter 3: The Shooting Class Crisis
Chapter 2: There's Something Wrong With This School
Chapter 1: Grandpa, The School Exploded!