One Punch-Man

Slime Life

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The stories of the everyday life of a black mage and a slime that run a magic store together as master and servant.
Slice of life
Vol.4 Chapter 81: Following Morning And Darul
Vol.4 Chapter 80: Vlad And Siroro
Vol.4 Chapter 79: Honest Darul
Vol.4 Chapter 78: Adult Flavor And Slime
Vol.4 Chapter 77: Slime S Heroic Tale
Vol.4 Chapter 76: Combination And Slime
Vol.4 Chapter 75: Hot Pot And Slime
Vol.4 Chapter 74: Vlad Vs Slime Squad
Vol.4 Chapter 73: Swarming Slime Pt 2
Vol.4 Chapter 72: Swarming Slime Pt 1
Vol.4 Chapter 71: River And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 70.2: Super Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 70.1: Detective Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 70: Pocona And Slime Pt 3
Vol.3 Chapter 69: Pocona And Slime Pt 2
Vol.3 Chapter 68: Pocona And Slime Pt 1
Vol.3 Chapter 67: Pocona S Troubles
Vol.3 Chapter 66: Limited Edition And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 65: Receiving Customers And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 64: Teacher Yorul
Vol.3 Chapter 63: Choosing Candy And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 62: Pocona S Shortcoming
Vol.3 Chapter 61: Yorul And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 60: Golem And Darul
Vol.3 Chapter 59: Senpai Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 58: Souvenir? And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 57: Souvenir And Slime Pt 2
Vol.3 Chapter 56: Souvenir And Slime Pt 1
Vol.3 Chapter 55: Return Trip And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 54: Golem Workshop And Slime Pt 2
Vol.3 Chapter 53: Golem Workshop And Slime Pt 1
Vol.3 Chapter 52: The Black Mage, Yorul Pt 3
Vol.3 Chapter 51: The Black Mage, Yorul Pt 2
Vol.3 Chapter 50: The Black Mage, Yorul Pt 1
Vol.3 Chapter 49: Dining Out And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 48: Plushie And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 47: Weapon Shop And Slime
Vol.4 Chapter 46: Candy Shop And Slime
Vol.3 Chapter 45: First Time In Town
Vol.2 Chapter 44.3: Slime School Life
Vol.2 Chapter 44: Outing And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 43: Disguise And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 42: Payday And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 41: Sandwich And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 40: Cold And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 39: Check Up And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 38: Revenge And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 37: Fortune Telling And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 36.5: New Year And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 36: Strong Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 35: Present And Slime Pt 2
Vol.2 Chapter 34: Present And Slime Pt 1
Vol.2 Chapter 33: Christmas Eve And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 32: Vlad And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 31: Herb Picking And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 30: Packing And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 29: Metal Slime Pt 2
Vol.2 Chapter 28: Metal Slime Pt 1
Vol.2 Chapter 27: Lunch Time And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 26: Duel And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 25: Pamphlet Making And Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 24: Vlad Alucard Pt 2
Vol.2 Chapter 23: Vlad Alucard Pt 1
Vol.2 Chapter 22: Melting Slime
Vol.2 Chapter 21: The White Mage Siroro
Vol.1 Chapter 20.5: Restaurant And Slime
Vol.1 Chapter 20: Slime S Magic
Vol.1 Chapter 19: Studying And Slime
Vol.1 Chapter 18: Basement And Slime
Vol.1 Chapter 17: Tattletale And Slime
Vol.1 Chapter 16: Trap And Slime
Chapter 15: Disliked Food And Slime
Chapter 14: Jealousy And Darul
Chapter 13: A Threat? Pocona Arrives - 3
Chapter 12: A Threat? Pocona Arrives - 2
Chapter 11: A Threat? Pocona Arrives - 1
Chapter 10: Scary Story And Slime
Chapter 9: Magic And Slime
Chapter 8: Hospitality Practice And Slime
Chapter 7: Sick Daruru And Slime
Chapter 6: Gummies, Daruru, And Slime
Chapter 5: Gummies And Daruru
Chapter 4: Daruru And Nemesis
Chapter 3: Slime And Special Move
Chapter 2: Slime Vs Rat Thief
Chapter 1.2: Interview With Slime
Chapter 1.1: The Slime Arrives
Chapter 0.8: Daruru And Slime
Chapter 0.7: Sleepless Slime
Chapter 0.6: Slime S Crevice Cleaning
Chapter 0.5: Slime S Motivations
Chapter 0.4: Slime And Work
Chapter 0.3: Pride And Slime
Chapter 0.2: Interview With Slime
Chapter 0.1: The Slime Has Arrived!!