One Punch-Man

Cheating Men Must Die

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One moment oppressing scum yields a moment of satisfaction. Continuously oppressing scum yields continuous satisfaction. Our female main lead, Su Lüxia is bound to the Female Lead Counterattack System and transmigrates to several small worlds. Using elaborate means, she beats up countless cheating bastards and bitches. Su Lüxia: "Only a cheating bastard's tears of remorse, and the pained moans of a bitch unable to get what she wants bring me solace." System: "Has my host tapped into her humanity today? Nope."
Sci fi
Chapter 98: That Girl’S Damn Wild -- Entrance Of An Unbelievably Cliche Female Supporting Lead
Chapter 97: That Girl’S Damn Wild -- Increase Favorability
Chapter 96: That Girl’S Damn Wild --A Beauty Saves Another Beauty
Chapter 95: That Girl’S Damn Wild --Birthday Crisis
Chapter 94: That Girl’S Damn Wild -- Glamorous Entrance
Chapter 93: That Girl’S Damn Wild -- Force Out Of This World
Chapter 92: That Girl’S Damn Wild -- Picking A Fight Again
Chapter 91: That Girl’S Damn Wild -- The Unexpected Transfer Student
Chapter 90: That Girl’S Damn Wild -- Filling In A Blank Cheque
Chapter 89: That Girl's Damn Wild -- Slandering Others Is Not A Good Habit
Chapter 88: That Girl's Damn Wild -- Mother Of Fl Out For Blood
Chapter 87: That Girl's Damn Wild -- Older Sister Will Teach You How To Be Humane
Chapter 86: That Girl's Damn Wild -- The First Entrance
Chapter 85: Elegant Socialite: Scum Only Deserve Spending The Rest Of Their Lives With Each Other
Chapter 84: Elegant Socialite: Lovers Finally Getting Married
Chapter 83: Elegant Socialite: Luring The Snake Into The Hole
Chapter 82: Elegant Socialite: Unequal Love
Chapter 81: Elegant Socialite: Forced Marriage
Chapter 80: Elegant Socialite: Replacement Challenges The White Moonlight
Chapter 79: Elegant Socialite: After Divorce, Mil Actually Did This!
Chapter 78: Elegant Socialite: White Moonlight Arrives
Chapter 77: Elegant Socialite: Win The High Ground With Multiple Victories
Chapter 76: Elegant Socialite: Stepping On The Cheating Bastard’S Head To Divorce
Chapter 75: Elegant Socialite: Maniac That Pushes The Blame Away
Chapter 74: Elegant Socialite: Kneel Down And Call Me Sugar Daddy
Chapter 73: Elegant Socialite: Mutual Destruction Of Both Mil And Mistress
Chapter 72: Elegant Socialite: These Men, I Want Them All!
Chapter 71: Elegant Socialite: How To Humiliate A Transmigrated Girl
Chapter 70: Elegant Socialite: The Best Mother-In-Law Of Them All
Chapter 69: Elegant Socialite: Wool Needs To Be Pulled Out One Bundle At A Time
Chapter 68: Elegant Socialite: How A Man Pisses
Chapter 67: Elegant Socialite: Karma Brings Unhappiness
Chapter 66: Elegant Socialite: Woman, You Dare To Reject Me?
Chapter 65: Elegant Socialite: Overbearing Warlord
Chapter 64: Elegant Socialite: You Can't Even Be The Main Feature Of The Dance Hall?
Chapter 63: Elegant Socialite: What Happened To Your 34.1 Inches Waist!?
Chapter 62: Elegant Socialite: Rich Women Are Fearless
Chapter 61: Elegant Socialite: Coming To Provoke
Chapter 60: Elegant Socialite: Record Of A Married Woman In China
Chapter 59: Make Me A Vampire, Su Lüxia!
Chapter 58: You Reap What You Sow, It's None Of My Damn Business
Chapter 57: Because I Want To Watch You Make A Fool Of Yourself
Chapter 56: Do You Want To Become A Human?
Chapter 55: Apologies, I Prefer Group Fights
Chapter 54: Older Brother, Have Some Tea
Chapter 53: The Bitch’S Determination
Chapter 52: The Antagonist’S Attack
Chapter 51: Relationship Ending Before Beauty Ages
Chapter 50: Woman, You Need To Be Harsh On Yourself
Chapter 49: Bloodsucking Ecstasy And My Savior, I Give Myself To You
Chapter 48: Beauty Saves Hero
Chapter 47: Blood Flowing Like A River
Chapter 46: Who Do You Want To Leave With?
Chapter 45: The Chaotic Carnage Of Love
Chapter 44: Tremble, Cheating Bastard
Chapter 43: Young Man, Let’S Save The World Together
Chapter 42: You Are Crazy, I Am A Fool
Chapter 41: Save The World By F*cking
Chapter 40: Uninvited Guests
Chapter 39: Thrilling Escape
Chapter 38: Sexy Vampire, Showing Off Acting Skills
Chapter 37: The Most Tragic Vampire In History
Chapter 36: Challenge Of Proposing
Chapter 35: Meeting The Fair, Rich And Pretty Lady
Chapter 34: Ex-Boyfriend Wishes To Get Back Together, What To Do?
Chapter 33: Movie King Also Needs To Act
Chapter 32: Commence Operation: Abuse Scum
Chapter 31: Being Sweet Online
Chapter 30: The Shy Little Wolf Pup
Chapter 29: Counterattack Encounter
Chapter 28: Trapped In A Scandal
Chapter 27: F*ck Off, Cheating Bastard
Chapter 26: Teaching The Little Wolf Pup
Chapter 25: Who Are You?
Chapter 24: Hey There, Predecessor
Chapter 23: Little Wolf Pup Vs Cheating Bastard
Chapter 22: Tearing Apart An Old Perv With Bare Hands
Chapter 21: A Movie Queen Fallen From Grace
Chapter 20: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Long Live The New Emperor
Chapter 19: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- The Phoenix And Dragon: Double Kill
Chapter 18: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Spare Tire Has Been Punctured
Chapter 17: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- People Can Be Killed By Not Knowing Science
Chapter 16: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Blood Affinity Verification
Chapter 15: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Koi Do Not Bring Blessings
Chapter 14: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- The Split Caused By Adultery
Chapter 13: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Ximen Qing And Pan Jinlian
Chapter 12: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Helping Another Achieve Their Goal
Chapter 11: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Finally Waited For You
Chapter 10: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- The Impassioned One Is A Good Backup Plan
Chapter 9: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Because I Want Her Dead
Chapter 8: The Palace Harem’S A Mess -- I Have Special Parenting Skills
Chapter 7: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- The White Lotus’S Instigation
Chapter 6: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- I Am Not Some Devil
Chapter 5: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Bitch, Your Older Sister, I, Am Solely Disappointed In You
Chapter 4: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- The White Lotus’S Strategy
Chapter 3: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- I’M Raising A Son For The Cheating Bastard
Chapter 2: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- Cat Fight? I’M A Pro!
Chapter 1: The Palace Harem Is A Mess -- A Noble Consort's Wronged Death
Chapter 0: Prologue