One Punch-Man

Jiken Jaken!

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A beautiful, talented and mystery-loving high school girl and a younger school boy solve mysteries in their day-to-day lives at school.
School life
Slice of life
Vol.6 Chapter 80.1: Afterword
Vol.6 Chapter 80: Cliffhanger!
Vol.6 Chapter 79: Suspects!
Vol.6 Chapter 78: Observation!
Vol.6 Chapter 77: Unreliable Narrator (Part 2)!
Vol.6 Chapter 76: Unreliable Narrator (Part 1)!
Vol.6 Chapter 75: Stakeout!
Vol.6 Chapter 74: Gotcha Questions!!
Vol.6 Chapter 73: Hiroshima Girl Himawari-Chan
Vol.6 Chapter 72: False Accusation
Vol.6 Chapter 71: Tailing!
Vol.6 Chapter 70: Fake!
Vol.6 Chapter 69: The Fair-Unfair Controversy!
Vol.5 Chapter 68.1: Afterword
Vol.5 Chapter 68: The Watson!!
Vol.5 Chapter 67: The Occult Club!
Vol.5 Chapter 66: Detective Near Death!
Vol.5 Chapter 65: Indian Poker!
Vol.5 Chapter 64: Knox's Commandments
Vol.5 Chapter 63: Missing Link!
Vol.5 Chapter 62: Collection!
Vol.5 Chapter 61: Urban Legend!
Vol.5 Chapter 60: Trope!
Vol.5 Chapter 59: Cross Examination!
Vol.5 Chapter 58: False Evidence!
Vol.5 Chapter 57: All The Mysteries Have Been Solved!
Vol.4 Chapter 56.1: Hiroshima Girl Himawari-Chan! (4-6)
Vol.4 Chapter 56: And Then There Were None (Part 2)!
Vol.4 Chapter 55: And Then There Were None (Part 1)!
Vol.4 Chapter 54: Trickery!
Vol.4 Chapter 53: Speckled Band!
Vol.4 Chapter 52: Birlstone Gambit!
Vol.4 Chapter 51: Murder Weapon!
Vol.4 Chapter 50: Favourite Book!
Vol.4 Chapter 49: Microexpressions!
Vol.4 Chapter 48: Nursery Rhyme Murder!
Vol.4 Chapter 47: Suicide!
Vol.4 Chapter 46: Disguise!
Vol.4 Chapter 45: Accident!
Vol.4 Chapter 44: Let's Become An Author!
Vol.3 Chapter 43.1: Hiroshima Girl Himawari-Chan! (1-3)
Vol.3 Chapter 43: Research On Shirogane Yuriko!!
Vol.3 Chapter 42: The First Case!
Vol.3 Chapter 41: Magic!
Vol.3 Chapter 40: Substitution Cipher!
Vol.3 Chapter 39: Mentalism!
Vol.3 Chapter 38: Riddles!
Vol.3 Chapter 37: Cryptex!
Vol.3 Chapter 36: Foreshadowing!
Vol.3 Chapter 35: Dying Message!
Vol.3 Chapter 34: The Mystery Research Society!
Vol.3 Chapter 33: Culprit!
Vol.3 Chapter 32: Biblio-Battle!
Vol.3 Chapter 31: Armchair Detective!
Vol.2 Chapter 30: Motive!
Vol.2 Chapter 29: Who Done It? (Solution Arc)!
Vol.2 Chapter 28: Who Done It? (Problem Arc)!
Vol.2 Chapter 27: Elementary, My Dear Watson!
Vol.2 Chapter 26: Mislead!
Vol.2 Chapter 25: Escape Game!
Vol.2 Chapter 24: Poisoning!
Vol.2 Chapter 23: Handwriting Analysis!
Vol.2 Chapter 22: Serial Murder Case!
Vol.2 Chapter 21: Xxxxx But What Can We Do!
Vol.2 Chapter 20: Detective!
Vol.2 Chapter 19: Autopsy!
Vol.2 Chapter 18: The Redheaded Trick!
Vol.2 Chapter 17: The Twin Trick!
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Bl!
Vol.1 Chapter 15: Occult!
Vol.1 Chapter 14: Closed Circle!
Vol.1 Chapter 13: Who's The Culprit?
Vol.1 Chapter 12: The Third Girl!
Vol.1 Chapter 11: Imitation!
Vol.1 Chapter 10: Non-Euclidean Geometry
Vol.1 Chapter 9: Humans Aren't Depicted
Chapter 8: Reverse Order Mystery!
Chapter 7: Spoiler!
Chapter 6: Cold Reading!
Chapter 5: Unfair
Chapter 4: Whydunit
Chapter 3: Characterization Trick
Chapter 2: Locked Room!
Chapter 1: Alibi