One Punch-Man

How To Open A Triangular Riceball

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A youthful romance for those who think they are unhappy..
School life
Chapter 39: You Don't Know How Hard It Is Until You Actually Work In A Convenience Store.
Chapter 38: During My Convenience Store Work, It Seems Like Every Time My Stomach Hurts And I Try To Go To The Bathroom, A Customer Always Comes In.
Chapter 37: Whenever I Come To The Convenience Store, I Strangely Find Myself Walking Around Without Buying Anything.
Chapter 36: I Thought It Was A New Kind Of Triangular Riceball, But It Had Been There For A While Already.
Chapter 35 : Wouldn T It Be Better To Regret It After Eating It, Rather Than Regretting Not Eating It.
Chapter 34 : What Was Left
Chapter 33 : The Contents Of What Was In The Riceball
Chapter 32 : Tuna Mayonnaise
Chapter 31 : Just Because The Package Looks Nice, That Doesn T Mean That It Will Taste Good.
Chapter 30 : I Heard Nowadays When You Buy A Pretty Small Box, You Get A Snack For Free?
Chapter 29 : It S Obvious That Your Feelings Would Change Between Before And After Having A Meal.
Chapter 28 : A Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deal Isn T Always The Best
Chapter 27 : Whoever Buys A Riceball That S 2 For 1, Aren T Expecting Them To Be Tasty. They Just Look At The Qua
Chapter 26 : Is There Anyone Who Actually Buys The Toys In The Convenience Store?
Chapter 25
Chapter 24 : I Still Remember The Clerk S Face When I Took Out The Fresh Riceball From The Back Of The Stand.
Chapter 23
Chapter 22
Chapter 21
Chapter 20
Chapter 19 : How Did Your First Riceball Taste?
Chapter 18 : While Opening My Triangular Rice Ball What Was I Thinking Opening...
Chapter 17
Chapter 16
Chapter 15
Chapter 14
Chapter 13
Chapter 12 : The Thing That Soldiers Buy From The Convenience Store During Their Break For Their Commander
Chapter 11
Chapter 10
Chapter 9
Chapter 8
Chapter 7
Chapter 6
Chapter 5 : I Saw The Word Tuna...
Chapter 4
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Chapter 1