One Punch-Man

Amano Megumi Wa Suki Darake!

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Shindo Manabu is a student in a very prestigious high school whose goal is to get into Tokyo University. He studies constantly and tries to never lose sight of that goal. That is until his childhood friend, Amano Megumi, who goes to the same school starts to distract him. He originally only remembered her as the tomboy she was as a kid, until they meet up again and he notices how "developed" she has become. As these two get closer to each other, hilarity often ensues and subsequently, Manabu becomes more and more distracted from his goal of getting into Tokyo U.
School life
Chapter 208: Sensei
Chapter 207: What I Wanna Do
Chapter 206: Potential
Chapter 205: Ringo The Supersleuth 2
Chapter 204: Ringo The Supersleuth
Chapter 203: A Bean Throwing Contest
Chapter 202: Sports On Ice
Chapter 201: It's Okay!
Chapter 200: Lucky
Chapter 199: Leave It To Me
Chapter 198: Nervous
Chapter 197: Coat
Chapter 196: Before The Tournament... Behind The Scenes
Chapter 195: It's Fine If...
Chapter 194: Hospitalization
Chapter 193: The New Year
Chapter 192: December 31St
Chapter 191: Nonchalant
Chapter 190: Merry Christmas
Chapter 189: End-Of-Semester Ceremony
Chapter 188: Footsal
Chapter 187: With Just That
Chapter 186: Decorating
Chapter 185: More So Than Before
Chapter 184: Above All
Chapter 183: Under The Same Roof
Chapter 182: I'm Not Scared
Chapter 181: Height Difference
Chapter 180: Me Too...
Chapter 179: Cherished
Chapter 178: Loudly
Chapter 177: Knitting Stitches
Chapter 176: One Day
Chapter 175: Neko-Tan
Chapter 174: Reliance
Chapter 173: Cultural Festival 7: To Whom
Chapter 172: Cultural Festival 6: Beauty Pageant
Chapter 171: Cultural Festival 5: Only A Bit
Chapter 170: Cultural Festival 4: Even Though That's All
Chapter 169: Cultural Festival 3: Pressure
Chapter 168: Cultural Festival 2: Maze
Chapter 167: Cultural Festival 1: Seriously...!?
Chapter 166: Might As Well
Chapter 165: Rice Harvesting
Chapter 164: Gym Clothes
Chapter 163: On The Same Team
Chapter 162: Busy
Chapter 161: Memories
Chapter 160: Support
Chapter 159: No Matter What
Chapter 158: Hard Work
Chapter 157: Video Games
Chapter 156: Cold!
Chapter 155: Besides...
Chapter 154: Where...?
Chapter 153: What Is This...
Chapter 152: This Is Fun!!
Chapter 151: What's That Sound?
Vol.16 Chapter 150: Surprising
Vol.15 Chapter 149: Tokyo University
Vol.15 Chapter 148: Secret!
Vol.15 Chapter 147: Captain
Vol.15 Chapter 146: Soap Bubbles
Vol.15 Chapter 145: A Little Longer
Vol.15 Chapter 144: I Won't Lose
Chapter 143: Focus!!
Vol.15 Chapter 142: So That Means…
Vol.15 Chapter 141: Shock
Vol.15 Chapter 140: Here.
Chapter 139.5: Omake
Vol.14 Chapter 139: Ei!
Vol.14 Chapter 138: Stilt Playmates
Vol.14 Chapter 137: Oh Crap...!!!
Vol.14 Chapter 136: School Trip Arc Part 8: Hmhmmm…
Vol.14 Chapter 135: School Trip Arc Part 7: Please…
Vol.14 Chapter 134: School Trip Arc Part 6: How Could I…
Vol.14 Chapter 133: School Trip Arc Part 5: How Is It?
Vol.14 Chapter 132: School Trip Arc Part 4: Wah!!!
Vol.14 Chapter 131: School Trip Arc Part 3: Just A Childhood Friend
Vol.14 Chapter 130: School Trip Arc Part 2: Too Conscious
Chapter 129.5: Omake
Vol.13 Chapter 129: School Trip Arc Part 1: Yay!
Vol.13 Chapter 128: Trying On Clothes
Vol.13 Chapter 127: Red Light Green Light
Vol.13 Chapter 126: Waiting The Rain Out
Vol.13 Chapter 125: You Sure!?
Vol.13 Chapter 124: The Whole Time
Vol.13 Chapter 123: Go For It!!!
Vol.13 Chapter 122: Even Just A Little
Vol.13 Chapter 121: Summer Uniforms Today
Vol.13 Chapter 120: Eeehhhhhh!!?
Vol.12 Chapter 119.5: Omake
Vol.12 Chapter 119: Eh.
Vol.12 Chapter 118: Just Like His Owner…
Vol.12 Chapter 117: So?
Vol.12 Chapter 116: Study Session
Vol.12 Chapter 115: Just Do What You've Been Doing
Vol.12 Chapter 114: Ugh!!
Vol.12 Chapter 113: It's Just A Waste!
Vol.12 Chapter 112: Just Like Before
Vol.12 Chapter 111: How're Things Going?
Vol.12 Chapter 110: Confession!? (Part 3)
Vol.11 Chapter 109.5: Omake
Vol.11 Chapter 109: Confession!? (Part 2)
Vol.11 Chapter 108: Confession!? (Part 1)
Vol.11 Chapter 107: Shell Hunting
Vol.11 Chapter 106: No Effect
Vol.11 Chapter 105: ...!?
Vol.11 Chapter 104: You Could Tell!?
Vol.11 Chapter 103: Good Luck!
Vol.11 Chapter 102: Look, Look
Vol.11 Chapter 101: She Remembers...?
Vol.11 Chapter 100: Nacchan
Vol.10 Chapter 99.5: Omake
Vol.10 Chapter 99: I'll Work!!
Vol.10 Chapter 98: You Think!?
Vol.10 Chapter 97: I Can Tell
Vol.10 Chapter 96: Let's Have A Match!!
Vol.10 Chapter 95: Cosplay Shots
Vol.10 Chapter 94: Ah!!!
Vol.10 Chapter 93: Ah.
Vol.10 Chapter 92: Perfect Form!!
Vol.10 Chapter 91: Reward
Vol.10 Chapter 90: Bliss...♡
Vol.9 Chapter 89.5: Omake
Vol.9 Chapter 89: Nice Job There…
Vol.9 Chapter 88: No Way...right?
Vol.9 Chapter 87: As I Expected!!
Vol.9 Chapter 86: I Want To Strip
Vol.9 Chapter 85: How To Wear Tights
Vol.9 Chapter 84: The Recipe Is Perfect
Vol.9 Chapter 83: It's All Over
Vol.9 Chapter 82: Too Close, Amano
Vol.9 Chapter 81: Let's Ski A Lot!!
Vol.9 Chapter 80: It Was Refreshing
Vol.8 Chapter 79.5: Omake
Vol.8 Chapter 79: Precious Charm
Vol.8 Chapter 78: Oshikura Manjuu!
Vol.8 Chapter 77: I Hope You're Okay…
Vol.8 Chapter 76: Rumble…
Vol.8 Chapter 75: Amano Is Amano
Vol.8 Chapter 74: Nothing More!!
Vol.8 Chapter 73: Too Close…
Vol.8 Chapter 72: Oh No…
Vol.8 Chapter 71: Wait
Vol.8 Chapter 70: First Opening
Vol.7 Chapter 69.5 : Omake
Vol.7 Chapter 69: The New Year's Eve Bell
Vol.7 Chapter 68: Cleaning The Duuuust
Vol.7 Chapter 67: Self?!
Vol.7 Chapter 66: Do You Have Plans?
Vol.7 Chapter 65: All For Me
Vol.7 Chapter 64: I'm Still Here
Vol.7 Chapter 63: Looking Like That
Vol.7 Chapter 62: He'll Be Happy, Right...?!
Vol.7 Chapter 61: Flipping It!!
Vol.7 Chapter 60: Just In The House…
Vol.6 Chapter 59.5: Omake
Vol.6 Chapter 59: Don't Get In The Way!!
Vol.6 Chapter 58: Beatdown
Vol.6 Chapter 57: That's All
Vol.6 Chapter 56: Never Changes
Vol.6 Chapter 55: That's It
Vol.6 Chapter 54: Wow!!
Vol.6 Chapter 53: Eheheheh
Vol.6 Chapter 52: Ha Haah
Vol.6 Chapter 51: Might've Been Better
Vol.6 Chapter 50: It Wasn't Much
Vol.5 Chapter 49.5: Omake
Vol.5 Chapter 49: What's Wrong?
Vol.5 Chapter 48: You're Really Skilled!!
Vol.5 Chapter 47: Bad Thoughts…
Vol.5 Chapter 46: Don't...!!
Vol.5 Chapter 45: Room...?! (Part 2)
Vol.5 Chapter 44: Room...?! (Part 1)
Vol.5 Chapter 43: Grumble…
Vol.5 Chapter 42: She's Not Here
Vol.5 Chapter 41: Are You Blushing?!
Vol.5 Chapter 40: It's Dangerous!!
Vol.4 Chapter 39.5: Omake
Vol.4 Chapter 39: Drip…
Vol.4 Chapter 38: Amazing
Vol.4 Chapter 37: Does It Suit Me?
Vol.4 Chapter 36: This Is Bad...!!
Vol.4 Chapter 35: It'll Be Dangerous…
Vol.4 Chapter 34: Okay!
Vol.4 Chapter 33: Thank Goodness…
Vol.4 Chapter 32: Alright Then, You're…
Vol.4 Chapter 31: I Just...felt Like It?
Vol.4 Chapter 30: Are You Jealous?
Vol.3 Chapter 29.5: Omake
Vol.3 Chapter 29: Like I Said Amano…
Vol.3 Chapter 28: For Summer Memories
Vol.3 Chapter 27: You Saw?
Vol.3 Chapter 26: I Wonder If She's Doing Okay
Vol.3 Chapter 25: I See Through You!
Vol.3 Chapter 24: Hmmmm…
Vol.3 Chapter 23: Aaghhh, Dammit!!
Vol.3 Chapter 22: Gimme
Vol.3 Chapter 21: Nice Face
Vol.3 Chapter 20: It's Nothing!
Vol.2 Chapter 19.5: Omake
Vol.2 Chapter 19: Are You Okay...!?
Vol.2 Chapter 18: Come Here!
Vol.2 Chapter 17: Feeling Down…
Vol.2 Chapter 16: That's Nice (Part 2)
Vol.2 Chapter 15: That's Nice (Part 1)
Vol.2 Chapter 14: My Coach, Maa-Kun!
Vol.2 Chapter 13: That's Amazing
Vol.2 Chapter 12: You Know
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Are You Having Fun?
Vol.2 Chapter 10: Mikawa-San?
Vol.1 Chapter 9: Here You Go
Vol.1 Chapter 8: Thank You!
Vol.1 Chapter 7: Weekly Series 1St Chapter
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Maa-Kun, Help Me!
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Here You Go!
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Coincidentally…
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Dry Your Breasts!
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Hmm…
Vol.1 Chapter 1: I Can See Them